Getting ready for summer

I am so ready for summer.  Long sunny days.  Grilled foods all week. Bright fruits and vegetables.  Swimming in the pool.  What’s not to love?  During the summer we grill a lot.  I mean a lot!  Since my husband likes to cook on the grill it gives me a much needed break in the kitchen.

6_7_15We started our summer feasting with grilled pork chops seasoned with some Montana Mex Picante Salt that came in my Love With Food box.  It was delicious!  Nice and spicy.  I did add some kosher salt to it, because I was afraid of using too much of the blend.  I wanted it to have some heat, but not be too terribly spicy.

In the bento: grilled pork chops, rice with a pickled plum, strawberries, blueberries, and carrots.  Clean, simple, bright, and colorful.  🙂

Happy Bento-ing!