New Bullet Journal Collection: Everyday Adventures!

Last weekend we went out to lunch and as we sat there, we brainstormed about what kind of mini-adventure we could have for the afternoon.  That’s when I realized that there were so many local things that I wanted to do, try, explore, and see but I couldn’t remember any of them when it really mattered!

I decided right then and there that I needed an Everyday Adventures collection in my bullet journal.  Now, whenever I see an article in the paper, or something mentioned on the news, etc. I can write it down.


In the spread, I created a column to shade in when we had done the adventure, what page in the journal it’s recorded on, about how much it would cost, how long it would take, and a brief description.  Now, when we are out and about looking for something to do, I can refer to this page for ideas.  I’m adding in everything from restaurants that I want to try, museums I want to go to, gardens to visit, and everything in between.

For the costing I tried to estimate the whole adventure: entrance fees, food and snacks, gas if it’s far away, souvenirs,  etc.  Right now, it’s just my husband and myself, but pretty soon I’ll be adding in baby friendly adventures too!

I also think this page is a great example of accepting my mistakes.  There are 4 big mistakes on this spread that really bug me… but I’m going to leave them alone!  I am working on getting more comfortable with things not being perfect.  But it’s tough.  Real tough!  Can you spot them?

The supplies I used in the photo above are the following:*
My BuJo: Leuchtturm Medium Hardcover Dots Lemon
Pens for color: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner
Black pen for decorations: Sakura Micron-01
Writing pen: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica Gel Ink Pen Black, 0.4 mm

Happy Journaling!


*These are affiliate links.  If you purchase any of these items through the link, I will receive a small commission at no cost to you.  I will only link to items that I have purchased, used, and would be willing to purchase again.  Thank you for your support!



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