Jane’s Agenda Disc Cover Review

Jane, over at Jane’s Agenda, sent me one of her cute disc bound notebook covers and dot-grid paper to review.  I’ve been using and abusing it over the last week: carrying it around everywhere, throwing it in and out of my backpack, removing and replacing the cover every day to see how it wears, etc.  And it has held up really nicely!

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She customizes the covers with your name before heavily laminating and punching them.  Don’t you just love this design?  How cool is that anchor!  I lived on a sailboat when I was little, so this just tugged at my heartstrings.  But if you aren’t the anchor type, she has a variety of other styles.  The laminated cover is just as thick as the Arc and Tul plastic covers and it’s very sturdy!

The back cover has an elastic attached with eyelets.  The elastic is pretty loose if you have a thin notebook, so thicker notebooks will benefit from it better.  My only criticism would be that it is too close to the edge.  The strap is right at the edge of the paper, so it wants to bend the edges of the cover together.  If it were about 2cm further in, the stack of paper would help keep everything straight.

She sent the notebook filled with white dot-grid paper, so of course I had to do a pen test… and I’m impressed!  The paper is super smooth for writing, even with a fountain pen, ghosting is very minimal, and there is only a tiny bit bleed-through on the wettest ink.  The paper quality is much better than in the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, and better than the Tul!  The boxes are slightly bigger than the Tul paper and dot grid in the Leuchtturm1917.  You get 22 boxes across opposed to 24 for Tul and 26 in the Leuchtturm1917.  I like to write small, so I like the smaller boxes better, but that is a personal preference.

I used and abused this cover over the last week.  Putting it on and off my notebook everyday is a lot of stress on a disc bound cover.  Typically this is something I would do only if I were changing covers, so it would rarely happen.  The cover held up really nicely to this abuse, but there are a couple of spots where the lamination is just starting to separate.  But it isn’t bad considering how many times I removed it!  I give it a big thumbs up!

Overall, I like this notebook and cover a lot.  The quality is great, and at the end of the day you are supporting a small business, which is wonderful!

Jane was kind enough to give a 10% discount with code OHAYOBENTO until September 30th!

Happy journaling!
Edit: I got a request to compare the dot grid paper from Janes Agenda to the dot grid of a Leuchtturm. The photo below shows the Leuchtturm paper on the top and Janes Agenda on the bottom. You can see that the Janes Agenda paper is a lot whiter and the spacing is a good bit larger. Combine this with having a little less room on the page and you end up with less boxes.

3 thoughts on “Jane’s Agenda Disc Cover Review

  1. Thank you! I’ve never heard of her before and she rocks!
    Could you please add a picture of the Leuchtturum 1917 dot paper and the Jane paper together, so that I can understand the size and colour differences?
    Many thanks.


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