BuJo for Business (Episode 1)


I went out on a crazy whim and decided to try and turn one of my hobbies into a business!  I started Frequency LLC as an all-natural, essential oil, bath and body product business.  It really began a few months ago when I was searching for a product, and found that it didn’t exist.  So I made it myself and absolutely fell in love!  Anyway, you are here for bullet journaling, not essential oils and crystals… But, if you’re interested here are links to my Instagram, Facebook, Etsy shop, Pinterest, and website.

During the process of trying to stay organized and on top of things, I heavily relied on my bullet journal.  I split my daily spread into 2 columns: one for home (the normal stuff I have always done in my BuJo) and one for work.  I migrated tasks from each day to the next when they didn’t get accomplished, and just kept plugging away at them until they were done.

I tried doing project timelines, but they never seemed to work for me.  I can’t keep to a timeline no matter how hard I try.  But, I did have project check sheets.  For example, to put a product up for sale, the following had to happen:

  • Photos
    • take product photos
    • edit photos
  • Set up Shop Categories
  • Get all product stats
    • weight for shipping
    • ingredients
    • volume or weight for customer reference
    • shipping cost
    • dimensions
    • determine manufacturing cost, calculate retail cost
  • Post everything on website
    • link to related products
    • tags
    • SEO keywords

And the list goes on and on for seemingly forever.  There are a lot of little things to keep track of.  And since I wanted to sell on my website and on Etsy, all of this information had to be entered twice.

Then there’s the whole social media, advertising, etc portion… which I’ll save for another day, haha!

Happy Journaling!