Planner Hack! Using a blotter and cheat sheet

Do you guys participate in the #PlanWithMeChallenge on Instagram or Facebook?  It’s hosted by @Boho.Berry, @TinyRayofSunshine, and @PrettyPrintsandPaper and they post planner challenges for each day of the month.

The prompt for April 4th was ‘Best Planning Hack’ so what I posted was a brief description of the blotter and cheat sheet that I use when planning.  It had such a big response on Instagram that I thought I should share it here.

The best planner hack I’m using right now is my blotter and cheat sheet!  The last few pages of the Leuchtturm notebook are perforated for easy removal.  In my last video, I briefly mentioned that I use one of them as a blotter for when I’m planning on the go and don’t have time to wait for my ink to dry.


But, I also have a blotter that doubles as a Leuchtturm cheat sheet.  I got so tired of counting dots and spaces.  And of course, I always lost count halfway through and had to start over again.  To make my life simpler, theres that simplicity thing popping up again, I took one of the perforated pages that I use for a blotter and numbered the horizontal dots and spaces, marked where the center line is, numbered every 5th vertical dot, and marked out on which dot I start writing for my daily banner setup.

This way, I rarely have to count!  It makes planning, writing, and updating my bullet journal a lot faster!  And I can use the rest of the page to lay out new headers or test boxes, banners, etc.  When it gets too dirty, I’ll just throw it away and pull out a new one.  What planner hacks do you use??

The supplies I used in the video above are the following:*
My BuJo: Leuchtturm Medium Hardcover Dots
Pens: Pilot Hi-Tec-C Maica

Happy Journaling!

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