A new Roterfaden for holding my bullet journal


I have embarked on a new journey!  After having a Traveler’s Notebook for so long, I really enjoy having a leather notebook holder and the biggest drawback of the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, for me, is the aesthetic of the outside of the notebook itself.  I thought about decorating it, and I still might, but I really wanted a cover that can age, grow, and change throughout the journey, like a Traveler’s Notebook does.  In comes the Roterfaden!


I’ve been debating on purchasing one for months now, even before I bought my first Leuchtturm, but it is more of an investment that I could make.  I’ve been saving up to buy myself something special and the Roterfaden won!  I was so nervous that I wouldn’t like it in person, or that it wouldn’t fit my bullet journal, or it wouldn’t be what I was expecting, etc.  But it arrived the other day and I am in love!

The Roterfaden uses a unique clip system in the elastic spine so that you can insert any kind of notebook.  I purchased the A5 version since most of my notebooks are A5.  For a simple stitch bound notebook, the clips will hold them right down the center like a Midori.  But for the hardcover Leuchtturm, I had to do a slight modification.

The clips will slide out of the spine so that you can move them around.  I removed one set of clips (it came with 3) and put the second set in the very last hole in the spine.  Then attached the Leuchtturm at the back cover where the pocket is.  And, it works perfectly!


Both notebooks fit without problem.  I may try using one of the softcover Leuchtturms next time to see if it means I can hold 3 notebooks, but for now, this is good enough.  Unlike the Midori, the Roterfaden lays completely flat!  And it doesn’t prevent the notebooks from laying flat either, which is one of my biggest pet peeves with the Midori system.  It also has pockets on the front and back cover, has an amazing leather smell, and surprisingly sturdy felt inner lining.  There is also a red elastic pen holder and a red elastic to hold it closed.

The only drawback, other than the cost, that I see right now is the physical size.  It does add a good bit of size and weight and it will not fit into my small purse.  But, I’ve been wanting a bigger purse…  Lol!

I ordered this one from Baum Kuchen, but you can also order directly from the Roterfaden website.  On the Roterfaden site you can completely customize it: felt color, pockets, leather color, how many clips, etc.  It’s a lot of fun to play with their designer!

I’m curious, do you keep your notebooks in a holder?  If so, what kind of holder do you prefer?

Happy Journaling!