A change of pace

Some things in life we can’t control. And as much as I wish I could make, share, and enjoy bentos with you on a regular basis, the truth is that I just don’t have the time. Or rather, the very little free time that I have is being spent on things that are more personally rewarding for me. I can’t bear to get rid of the website. I dearly miss blogging. And everywhere online I’m known as Ohayo Bento. So, I’m thinking that Ohayo Bento is ready for a change of pace. 

Rather than being exclusively about bento, I’m going to start posting about all of things that I get to spend my creative time on. I hope that you find it interesting and please bear with me while I re-embark on my blogging journey. 

I post a good number of photos to Instagram, so please follow me there if you are interested.  I’m @ohayobento of course :). I’ll post more about what to expect in the coming days and weeks. 

Until next time…

Happy bento-ing!